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Our Mission

Challenging and dismantling the deeply-rooted harmful norms, ideologies, and structures that contribute to the continuation of sexual violence towards Arab women and LGBTQIA+ individuals.

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Our Vision

To support individuals and communities with alternative and accessible knowledge and resources that enable them in making informed decisions about their bodies, relationships, health, and rights. 

Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

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Our diversity enriches the quality and accuracy of our work. The Sex Talk Arabic team is composed of Arab women and individuals, from diverse backgrounds and age groups, who are located all over the world.
Our team members bring a range of high-level skills and a variety of qualifications and expertise. Our ever-growing team consists of researchers, doctors, writers, graphic designers, illustrators, storytellers … and sure enough, a lot of feisty feminist activists!
Our common goal is to end the cycle of exploitation and gender-based violence, in Arabic-speaking societies!

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Our main strategies of change

Our main strategies of change

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Creating a Positive Cultural Shift

We use positive and inclusive education, in combination with digital tools as mechanisms, to create a positive cultural shift and to eliminate harmful beliefs inherited about our bodies in current mainstream cultures.

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Creating Accessible  Support Channels

We create digital channels with essential resources for Arabic-speaking women and LGBTQIA+ individuals around the world where they can ask questions in confidentiality and share lived experiences about their sexualities and sexual rights.

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Decolonising Knowledge

We apply an intersectional, research-based, approaches to our work and incorporate the lived experiences of Arab women and LGBTQIA+ individuals in our approach to knowledge production and services’ design.

Our Topics






Sexual Health

sexual health

Sexual Rights

Sexual Rights